Our products:


Light casing

Smaller, more manouverable, easily accessible

Three thrusters

Dedicated for standing water with immersion up to 150m

Operator assistance system

Immersion depth and azimuth locking system

Up to 2 UHD Cameras
Option to equip with measurement systems
Long service and technical support
See specification


High durability

To use in the most challenging

Six thrusters

Possibility to work in strong currents

Optical fiber rejection system

No problem with hooking optical fiber

Variable buoyancy system

Ability to work close seabed

Artificial intelligence

To improve camera video images

Optional communication buoy

Perfect to use in rivers or shallow reservoirs

Long service and technical support
See specification

About Us

We have been making ROVs for more than 4 years. Our journey started by amateur constructions to finally reach the state-of-the-art robots, which gained many international awards. And this journey has only just began.